Board Rooms

Sharepoint Board Portal Review

This year, due to the pandemic, many events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely. This article is about prospects of the virtual format in business communication.

What is a board portal?

Nowadays the main alternative to the usually crowded events is online conferences, which are held through any device connected to the Internet. This method of communication saves company resources and allows you to contact more than a thousand users. In these events, the speaker communicates directly with the meeting participants through audio and video communication, as well as online chat. Meetings are held through certain programs on the user’s device or platform. One of such solutions is a boardroom meeting. The boardroom is a web portal for organizing collaboration between the Board of Directors. For industry professionals, such a conference is a virtual round table.

Pros and cons of boardroom software

They are as follows:

  • Large audience coverage. Some platforms are designed for the interaction of 100 active participants and more than 10 thousand listeners.
  • Cost savings. The organizer only needs equipment for webinars and full access to the platform.
  • The participant only needs to have constant access to the Internet and the ability to install the program or connect to the platform.
  • The events are attended by people who are interested in the topic of the conference, such events are not attended by “onlookers”.

In addition, board meetings via board portals can be held regardless of the location of the participant. The lack of dependence on a person’s residence allows you to expand the boundaries of business and enter the international level.

The main disadvantage of online events is the lack of live communication. The goal of the events has always been to unite people, whether they are clients, partners, or company employees. With the transition to online, this component was lost. It’s harder to keep a person’s attention online.

Sharepoint: how does it work?

Sharepoint is a board portal provider that has attracted a huge number of users in the market. It is a perfect choice for users looking for concise and easy-to-use conferencing software. This platform is accessible from any mobile device via a web browser. SharePoint is a flexible tool and can be used in different ways: a place to store documents; a collaboration tool for processing the company’s daily workflows and reading communications.

The key point is that the SharePoint technology stack is the foundation on which any business solution can be built. SharePoint Online is a cloud service hosted by Microsoft and designed for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, it is a convenient program that is responsible for organizing productivity among the company’s employees. Thanks to the platform, a portal is created within the corporation, which serves as the only liaison center for employee communication, as well as a place to store business information.

SharePoint  is a collection of software products and components that includes the following basic elements:

  • set of web applications for organization of joint work;
  • functionality for creating portals;
  • module for searching information in documents;
  • workflow and corporate content management functionality;
  • business analysis.

The content management system of the SharePoint board portal allows groups to create a centralized password-protected space for file sharing. Data can be saved, downloaded, and edited. Microsoft’s content-based content management system allows you to centralize secure space for document sharing and teamwork. Serving more than 200,000 organizations worldwide. These companies use SharePoint to create an intranet, store, organize, and share information with the entire company in one central location.

Sharepoint is paid for (excluding Foundation). Its distribution can be downloaded for free on the official website.